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Charities We Support


Water 4 empowers the people in the villages where they drill wells.  They empower them by working alongside them.  They empower them by teaching them how to drill wells.  Equipped with new skills and knowledge, these villagers create a sustainable business for themselves and their families.  Health and sanitation are improved, income is earned, and they have ownership and pride in something they helped create.

Click the link above to learn more about Water4 and the system they have developed.


WaterisLife has created filtered straws which can be distributed to people in areas where water is not safe.  The filtering system in the straw is good for one year, during which time WaterisLife works with the community to establish a long-term solution to their polluted water problem.  Clean water saves lives!

Click the link on the left to learn more about WaterisLife and their current projects.